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Oct 31   New Album "Haunted" - Out Now

After 6 years, Drew Cagle & The Reputation's debut album "Haunted" is finally here! This album truly has a song for every music fan, from the bone-chilling lyrics of "Dead White Witches" & "Back To The Light" to the timeless riffs of "South Side of San Francisco" & "Off The Wall". With the first three singles accumulating over 50K streams before the official release, this album is already on its way to becoming a bonafide rock n' roll classic.

"This is a rock n' roll concept album about being "Haunted" by past regrets and the thoughts that accompany them. The album was written to give the listener a glimpse inside of my head through multiple different musical stylings highlighting my own internal struggles and personal triumphs." -DC

Oct 1   Single "4:15 To Denver" - Out Now

After 5 years, Drew Cagle's most performed and requested song has finally arrived. The Fan Favorite "4:15 To Denver" features ripping guitar solos, thundering drums, hard rock screams, and the train itself. The song structure seems to mimic that of a train gaining momentum, it starts slow but continues to build as the song reaches its crescendo. As The Reputation continues to pick up steam, you almost wonder... what's it leading to??

Aug 19  Single "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" - Out Now

The release of Drew Cagle & The Reputation's new single "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" was accompanied by two memorable performances at the Illinois State Fair. "Ghosts" was one of the first songs The Reputation wrote, performed, and recorded together as a band. With rockin' riffs, raw lyrics, a catchy chorus, and a little bit of attitude, "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" definitely lives up to the name: The Reputation. 

July 9   Debut Single "Off The Wall" - Out Now

After almost 6 years, a global pandemic, multiple studio sessions, and few lineup changes, the debut single is finally out. The newly formed "Drew Cagle & The Reputation" bursts onto the scene with their new rock n' roll single "Off The Wall". Since "Off The Wall" was the first song that Drew Cagle ever wrote, it seems only fitting that it's also the first piece of his recorded work to ever be released. But it kinda makes you wonder... what's next?

JUNE 23   Introducing: The Reputation

Drew Cagle - Vocals / Piano / Acoustic Guitar

Matthew Curry - Electric Guitar

Bryon Foil - Bass Guitar

Josh Moats - Drums

Drew Cagle White Logo
JUNE 23   Welcome to

Welcome to, the best place to get all the Drew Cagle information and merchandise you could ever ask for. This is where all new shows, merch, and music get released before anywhere else on the internet. This is the only place where you can get Drew Cagle t-shirts, posters, and announcements all from the comfort of your own home... and now it's live.

Drew Cagle Black Logo

The Canopy Club

Urbana, IL (9pm -Midnight)

w/ Spinner & The Belz, Joe Hermes

April 9th

Ford Center

Evansville, IN (6pm - 6:40pm) 

Evansville Thunerbolts Pre-Show

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