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Oct 31  DC&R's Haunted Halloween Party

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Feb 8th


Urbana, IL (8pm - 1am)


The Castle Theatre

Bloomington, IL (7:30pm - 10pm) 

w/ Joe Hermes & The Sundown Renegade

Oct 30  Blueberry Hill Duck Room
Oct 15-31  The Haunted Tour
Oct 15th  Brews & Grooves w/ Lita Ford
Brews and Groves .jpg
Aug 16th  Illinois State Fair 2022
Aug 6th  Lucky Foot Festival
July 10  Concerts At The Crib w/ Puddle of Mudd
2021  Back To The Light Tour

June 12th: Exile On Main Street

Champaign, IL (1:30pm - 2pm)

July 10th: The Conservatory

Alton, IL (9pm - 11pm)

July 12th: WEFT Sessions

WEFT 90.1 FM. (10pm - 11pm)

July 23rd: The Hill Bar

Willow Hill, IL (8pm - 12pm)

w/ Catalytic Creator

July 31st: Wild Hare Bar & Grill

Fisher, IL (7pm - 10pm)

Aug 14th: Main Gate Bar & Grill

Springfield, IL (7pm - 10pm)

Aug 19th: Illinois State Fair

Main Street Stage (4pm - 6pm)

Aug 21st: Illinois State Fair

Main Street Stage (1pm - 3pm)

2021  Acoustic Shows

Sept 11th: Nola's Rock Bar

Urbana, IL (7pm - 10pm)

Sept 1st: WEFT Sessions

WEFT 90.1 FM. (10pm - 11pm)

Nov 13th: Activator Magazine Fundraiser @ Wild Rose

Springfield, IL (5:15pm - 6pm)

Nov 24th: Blackout Wed. @ The Venue

Decatur, IL (Show Starts 7:30pm)

w/ Free Range Youth, Harlem Hayfield & Matt Carter

Dec 3rd: Tony Diaz Tribute @ The Venue

Decatur, IL (Show Starts 7:30pm)

w/ Gutterbound, Evil Old & Dirty

2022  Haunted (Bare Bones) Tour

Mar 18th: George Rank's

Springfield, IL (8pm - 11pm)

Mar 26th: Bargenta

Argenta, IL (8pm - 11pm)

April 1st: Mac's Uptowner

Charleston, IL (8pm - 10pm)

April 8th: Carmack's Pub

Lebanon, IN (10pm - 1am)

April 14th: Faithful Pilot

Le Claire, IA (6;30pm - 9pm)

April 22rd: Slauterhouse Brewing Co. 

Auburn, IL (6pm - 9pm)

April 30th: Whiskey Jack's

Springfield, IL (7pm - 10pm)

May 6th: F*ck Finals @ The Canopy Club

Indianapolis, IN (6pm - 7:30pm)

May 19th: Rathskeller

Indianapolis, IN (7pm - 10pm)

May 20th: Rathskeller

Indianapolis, IN (6pm - 7:30pm)

w/ True Villans

May 21st: Rathskeller

Indianapolis, IN (1pm - 4pm)

w/ The Elect

May 27th: Evangeline's Bistro & Music

St. Louis, MO (9pm - 10pm)

w/ Travis Feutz, Tyler Sweitzer, Cody James

May 28th: Good Vibes Music Festival @ Downtown at DaCar's

Bedford, IN (3pm - 4:30pm)

w/ King Bee & The Stingers, Flannel 90's, Everyday Losers

2022  Summer One-Shots

July 7th: Jammin On The Rock @ RB&W Park Amphitheater

Rock Falls, IL (6pm - 8pm) 

July 10th: Corn Crib Stadium

Normal, IL (6pm - 10pm) 

w/ Puddle of Mudd 

July 21st: The Rathskeller (Drew Cagle - Solo)

Indianapolis, IN (7pm - 10pm)

July 30th: The Stable Music Hall

Bloomington, IL (8:30pm - 11:30pm)

Aug 6th: Lucky Foot Festival

Fisher, IL (7:30pm - 10pm)

Aug 16th: Illinois State Fair

Apex Stage (6pm - 8pm)

Aug 20th: Pony Express Days

Mt. Zion, IL (8pm - 9pm) 

2022  The Haunted Tour

Oct 15th: Corn Crib Stadium

Normal, IL (5pm - 11pm) 

w/ Lita Ford

Oct 23rd: Freetown Boom Boom Room

Lafayette, LA (8pm - 10pm) 

Oct 24th: The BFE Rock Club

Houston, TX (6:30pm - 11pm) 

w/ BlackPearl, Violet Theory, Tracing Paces, Billy Rocks

Oct 25th: The Nick

Birmingham, AL (9pm - 1am) 

w/ The Bham Singles

Oct 27th: The Cobra

Nashville, TN (8pm - Midnight) 

w/ The Wistful Larks, Adrea Castiano, Noah Alan, Sycamore

Oct 29th: The Rathskeller

Indianapolis, IN (6;30pm - 10pm) 

w/ The Elect

Oct 30th: Blueberry Hill Duck Room

St. Louis, MO (7pm - 11pm) 

w/ Native State, Rosemary, Euphoria

Oct 31st: Drew Cagle & The Reputation's Rock n' Roll Haunted Halloween Party @ Nola's Rock Bar

Urbana, IL (8pm - 11pm) 

w/ TyJon Charlie

2022  Winter One-Shots

Nov 12th: the PIAZZA

Aurora, IL (8pm - 11pm) 

w/ Queen Nation

Dec 8th: The Canopy Club

Urbana, IL (9pm - 1am) 

Dec 31st: The Canopy Club NYE Party

Urbana, IL (9pm - 1am) 

w/ X-Krush

May 19-21  Rathskeller Residency

May 6th  F*ck Finals

Spring 2022  "Haunted" (Bare Bones) Tour

Bare Bones Tour Poster.jpg
AUG 19 & 22  Illinois State Fair 2021

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